General Information

Etherpad is a real-time collaborative text editor. Its not as powerful as other online editors but, it is lightweight and can be used for example, for taking notes during a meeting.

Pads (as documents are called within this service) can be accessed later only if one knows the name of the pad.

How to use it

Just go to the Etherpad webpage and click on the New Pad button to create a pad with a random name. If you want a custom name or recover an old pad which you know the name, type the name on the blank box and click on the Ok button.

Once the pad is created, you can start editing.

How to share the pad

If you want other people to be able to edit a given pad, just send the URL of your browser. For example, if a created a pad called bsc_mb3_meeting_notes_20180322, the URL of the pad will be This is URL/p/<pad_name>.

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