Description of the service

DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database. It is loved by users for its clean and readable syntax. The ease of maintenance, backup and integration makes it an administrator's favorite. Built in access controls and authentication connectors make DokuWiki especially useful in the enterprise context and the large number of plugins contributed by its vibrant community allow for a broad range of use cases beyond a traditional wiki.

Some of the features DokuWiki has are the following:

  • DokuWiki language
    • Textile markup language can be used to
  • Allows the creation of independent wikis that share the DokuWiki engine with the parent Wiki
  • LDAP authentication
  • Per-wikipage ACL
  • Create unique wikipage of a tree of wikipages
  • Export to LaTeX
  • Export to ODT
  • Export to PDF
  • Templates (a.k.a. themes)

User Guide

The following tutorials will show you how to take profit of DokuWiki using all the powerful features it has.

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