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Login information

First Login

Login on the gateway with the following command:

ssh -l <username>

From the login node you can login to an ARM-based login/interactive node:

ssh ${CLUSTER}

Where ${CLUSTER} must be one of the available clusters.

Working with the prototypes

Once logged at one of the ARM-based login nodes, you can do several things from there:

  • Compile your application
  • Run your application interactively to ensure it works
    • But remember, other people can do the same at the same time
  • Submit a job to execute your application in isolation at the compute nodes

Binary compatibility between prototype clusters

All the clusters are actually an aggregation of some ARM-based boards which may or not have the same CPU (e.g., Jetson TK1 and Arndale clusters are based on Cortex-A15 both, but the SoC is the Tegra K1 and the Samsung Exynos Dual, which may differ in terms of caches, revision of the Cortex-A15, etc.). Because of this, we strongly suggest to recompile your application when executing across clusters. This is even more important if your application uses auto-tuned libraries like, for example, ATLAS.

More reasons are that different compiler versions could be provided across the clusters, and the same applies for MPI implementations. Also, even though some platforms may use the same processor, the architecture could be different (dual core Cortex-A15 at Arndale vs quad core Cortex-A15 in big.LITTLE configuration at ODROID-XU). This could lead to performance issues in case you don't recompile your application.

Furthermore, optimizations done by the compiler can benefit your application for a certain SoC, so we strongly recommend to recompile your applications every time you want to run them on another cluster.

Security policy

  • It is strongly suggested to change your password here.
  • It is strongly suggested that every user only uses its account. In case that any other person that work on your same projects need an account or to access your files, please contact


The team of system administrators of Mont-Blanc is available to assist you in more detailed configuration. Do not hesitate to contact us at

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